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January 24, 2018

A Rebel's Cause Radio

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“A Rebels Cause Radio” exists in hopes of bringing glory to God by lifting up other ministries, talking about current events and topics with fellow members of the body, encouraging people to be active in their local church bodies and presenting a clear and orthodox Gospel message. 

We enjoy talking to people from all over the world and have been known to have some pretty outstanding guests join our conversations, teaching us stuff like presuppositional apologetics, how a Christian should vote and even which Bible translations are the most accurate. We also talk about current events and try and keep it entertaining; actually we like to call it “edifitainment”. 

We are a mostly “Reformed” band of rebels coming from a variety of backgrounds including the PCA, OPC and even Calvary Chapel. We are not pastors and this isn’t your typical Christian Radio. We let our guests do the teaching and we ask questions (and so can you via chat or by calling in). What makes our show unique is that we have an unlikely variety of hosts consisting of a tattooed freak, a video game geek, an Asian that's chic and a producer that tweaks (the levels on the soundboard). Add in a newbie that seeks and struggles to speak, and pretty young man who's violin gently weeps; put them together and you have “A Rebels Cause Radio” for Christ and His sheep. (Yeah I just described the show via a poem.)

We encourage our listeners to read your Bibles, to go to a Bible-believing Church, to love our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and to forsake the world....